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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How long does it take to ship an order? 

A. Orders usually ship within same day or next business day


Q. What about shipping costs? 

A. Shipping is free when ordering $49 or more within USA only. Additional charges may apply for special delievery services


Q. Do you just spray it without taking chandelier down? 

A. No need to take the chandelier down


Q. Do you need to remove the bulbs? 

A. Please don’t remove any bulbs. Bulb stops any moister to get into the electric socket!


Q. How long the chandelier must be turned off? 

A. It depends on the weather! Usually 60-90 minutes


Q. Does Brilliante works on crystal figurines? 

A. Yes, Brilliante cleans all kind of crystal figurines brilliantly clean


Q. Does it work on Porcelain Chandeliers? 

A. Brilliante is a great product to safely clean any porcelain chandeliers brilliantly clean


Q. Do you need to wipe the crystal after spry? 

A. No need to wipe any crystals. Just spray and let it Drip!


Q. Does it tarnish the metal?

A. Brilliante is Ammonia Free and Alcohol free. It is very safe to use


Q. Do you have to vent the room or wear gloves when you use this product?

A. No need to vent the room or to wear any special gloves! Brilliante does not contain chemicals or harmful material! It is safe to use


Q. I did not clean my chandelier for almost 5 years. Does Brilliante work? 

A. Yes, Brilliante works great, if fixture is especially dirty, a second coat may need to be applied


Q. Could I use Brilliante on a Tiffany stained glass lampshade? Could it damage the lead or copper used to hold the glass pieces together? 

A. Brilliante is very safe to use and it will not damage the stain glass. Brilliante cleans any tiffany lamps Brilliantly clean