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Brilliante Crystal Cleaner

Brilliante was formulated in Southern California in 1993 by CrystalPlace

  • Brilliante Crystal Cleans Brilliantly

    Unmatched cleaning experience with Brilliante Crystal Cleaner

    Your cleaning experience will never be the same again with Brilliante Crystal Cleaner. This product works for all Commercial and Residential applications, is environmentally safe and has a lemon fresh scent.

    Researched and formulated in Southern California, Brilliante Crystal Cleaner has proven to be the most dependable crystal chandelier cleaner product on today’s global market. It’s alcohol and ammonia free, non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-abrasive, and has a cleaning formula that simplifies the crystal cleaning process - drip-dry solution.

    It can be used to clean many surfaces including porcelain chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, mirrors and glass, crystal figurines & collectibles, lighting fixtures, delicate porcelain, artificial flowers, and many other items

    Brillianté Crystal Cleaner has been described as the ultimate lighting fixture cleaner and it’s the most economic crystal cleaner on the market. It’s quite easy to use - all you have to do is spray it and let it drip.

    Using this product, cleaning crystal chandeliers or lighting fixtures can be done in just a few easy steps. You just need to unplug/turn off the fixture and allow the bulbs to cool, place a absorbent floor covering or towel underneath the fixture, hold the sprayer 3 to 6 inches away from fixture and spray the fixture starting from the top and working your way down until all surfaces are thoroughly coated; you don’t need to wipe down the chandelier after spraying; just allow the fixture to drip-dry for 60 to 90 minutes and it will be sparkling clean and ready for use.

    Made proudly in the USA, Brilliante Chandelier Cleaner does all the work for you, it’s strong enough to remove dust that has accumulated, but is gentle enough to preserve delicate metal parts and finishes. In case your fixture is very dirty, you may need to apply a second coat, but once the fixture is clean, you can apply a quick application every other month so as to keep your fixture brilliantly clean.

    Since Brillianté Crystal Cleaner is environmentally safe and free of harsh chemicals, it won’t tarnish any metal fixtures, and there’s no need to worry about venting your home, wearing special gloves or opening up windows. This product is even safe enough to use on delicate surfaces, and it’s quite all right to use it around pets and small children.

  • Don’t Clean Your Crystal Chandelier Until You Read This…

    Chandeliers are beautiful and stunning, but understandably, many people dread the thought of cleaning them. How, exactly, are you supposed to clean them in a way that won’t damage them and that won’t take hours of your time? The good news is that cleaning any chandelier can be done in short time with Brillianté Crystal Cleaner.

    In fact, using Brillianté Crystal Cleaner is very easy. All you have to do is spray it and let it drip. Brillianté Crystal Cleaner is environmentally safe, alcohol-free and ammonia-free and very gentle on skin

    Brillianté Crystal Cleaner drip-dry formula makes the job easy. You don’t need to wipe down the chandelier after spraying. There’s no need to handle each individual piece of crystal on the chandelier. You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to use.

    The Brillianté Crystal’s ingredients are environmentally safe, there’s no need to worry about opening up windows or venting your home. And it’s OK to use around pets and small children. It even has fresh lemon scent, so you’re making your home brighter and more sparkling.

    Customer reviews of Brillianté Crystal Cleaner on e-commerce sites like have been five-star reviews. People can’t believe how easy it is to clean their chandeliers and leave them sparkling and bright. People have used Brillianté Crystal Cleaner to clean all kinds of chandeliers – even very intricate chandeliers that are historical antiques.

    Because Brillianté is environmentally safe and free of harsh chemicals such as ammonia, it won’t tarnish any metal fixtures. And it’s even safe enough to use on porcelain chandeliers, crystal figurines and Tiffany stained glass lampshades.

    Brilliante Crystal Cleaner cleans your chandelier Brilliantly Clean

  • Brilliante Crystal Cleaner

  • Brilliante 32 oz Sprayer

    Chandeliers are known for being beautiful and intricate, and those very qualities make the task of cleaning one seem less than desirable. The work is well worth the reward, however, as the result will be absolutely stunning.

    Cleaning with Brilliante Crystal is simple. Just spray and let it drip!

    Brilliante Crystal drip and dry formula cleans your chandelier brilliantly clean .

    It is very safe to use.  No alcohol, No Ammonia and it is environmentally safe. It has a lemon fresh scent.

    Easy to work industrial spray nozzle, three times the output of standard sprayers for a powerful reach

    Proudly made in USA

    Brilliante is your trusted chandelier cleaner with hundreds of reviews and happy customers

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