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About Us

About Us:

Brilliante was researched and formulated in Southern California in 1993 by CrystalPlace and has proven to be as the most dependable crystal chandelier cleaner product in today’s global market.

Brilliante works for all Commercial and Residential application. Made proudly in USA


Our Mission:

To provide environmentally safe cleaning formula that simplifies the crystal cleaning process. “Drip-Dry Solution” 

Brilliante Chandelier Cleaner is the most economic crystal cleaner on the market and it does all the work for you

Strong enough to remove dust that is accumulated yet gentle enough to preserve delicate metal parts and finishes 

* No harmful chemicals 

*  No Alcohol 

Lemon Fresh Scent 


Brialliante cleans

Crystal chandeliers

Lighting fixtures

Crystal figurines

Porcelain chandeliers

Artificial flowers

Mirrors & Glass


Brialliante Does not clean

Food Greece


Burn Spot


Tarnished metal parts